Michal Kurečka

Working Experience

  • PHP developer & project manager / Tipli s.r.o. / Jan, 2018 – present

    maintaining PHP (Nette) application

    my tasks and responsibility:

    • automation by APIs and importing data from partners platforms (ex. CJ, Admitad, Aliexpress, Affilbox, Post Affiliate Pro)
    • crawlers for non-API data sources
    • developing platform for up-to-date data for parts of projects - users conversions, leaflets, etc.

    project manager - shop leaflets (since Nov, 2018)

    my tasks, responsibility and results:

    • every month steadly growing revenue, at the beginning 100s% growth in revenue
    • optimizing and setting ad placements - AdSense, Sklik etc.
    • managing traffic buyers and keeping project in profit
    • SEO changes for growing organic traffic

  • PHP & WordPress developer / Stario Agency / Sep, 2017 – May 2018

    responsible for keeping projects still up and running, be ready to edit projects by customer desires

    building Wordpress projects

    • creating sites from scratch
    • customizing plugins and themes

    maintaining agency clients websites - PHP (Nette), Wordpress

    buidling agency project for monetizing social media profiles by promoting sponsored posts (never launched)

  • founder & developer / Affilboard.cz / Jun, 2016 – Jun 2017

    developing SAAS project for affiliate publishers that shows their revenue in one place, written in Ruby On Rails with Bootstrap on frontend

    working with API and exports (affiliate platforms as Commission Junction - CJ, Post Affiliate Pro, Admitad, etc.)

    In 2017, Affilboard was sold

  • affiliate publisher / self-employed / 2010 – present

    having own portfolio monetizing through affiliate partnerships / commissions and ad system lie Adsense or Sklik

    some of the projects were sold in 2017 to new owner

    what I have done:

    • building own platform / CMS (PHP - Codeigniter) for creating affiliate sites - literally built on one-click basics (in minutes I had new site)
    • automating workflows from setting up domains, FTPs etc.
    • creating custom system that makes landing pages mainly for paid traffic arbitrage
    • building Wordpress sites from scratch - custom themes and plugins for custom fields, shortcodes, WP All Import hacks
    • trying SEO tactics for getting traffic from search engines

  • web administrator / Obecní úřad Úvalno / May 2009 – Oct, 2010

    on demand service as uploading photos, documents, editing texts


- Programming Skill: PHP, Nette, SQL, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, Ruby On Rails

- Language Skill: English (B2), German (basic), Czech (native)


> Language school Faktum Opava, 2011 – 2012, everyday learning English (B2)

> Secondary Technical School Krnov, 2007 – 2011, Electronic computer systems

My projects


PHP (Nette)

My first project ever. Originally, it was built on Drupal. In 2018, it has been started from scratch.


There are only a few IT professionals with deep knowledge and experience in Affiliate Marketing - Michal is one of them. I have worked on multiple projects with Michal, and he has always over-delivered regardless of the task he was given. I am 100% confident he will be a great asset to any e-commerce team.

- Josef Buryan / ex-head of marketing / Tipli.cz

With Michal, I have worked on several projects and I am happy about it. He has completed my tasks very well although everytime came with his own idea and fresh thoughts that helped us very much. He always delivers what he promises.

- Tomáš Podvín / marketing and project manager / PestrýJídelníček.cz